Free Writing P.51

I think I need to revamp one of my personal blogs so that I can have a place to just talk about my projects without it tied to my online portfolio or this journal-esque style blog.
Like I think I will call it, something from nothing for no reason.
I really do need to make a pros and cons list about rugby. I’m starting to feel as if my life is stuck in somewhat of a rut, as I have now been stuck job hunting for a year with no success. I’m not thrilled with my relationship. And my anxiety is still here and the depression still comes in waves every now and then. Rugby isn’t all that bad, but it takes a toll on my time and emotions so frequently. I’m just starting to think I need to make an actual change in my life.

Gardening has been a great outlet for me. I look forward to it each day. I still believe in my greeting card dream. I made my first card in a while and it felt great. So I have those things going for me at least.

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About helendauka

I used to write a lot and now I hardly ever write. I think I write bad now? On the flip side, I used to be very bad at being an adult and now I'm a little better at being an adult. Let's try to balance this equation out.

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