Free Writing P.50

I am worried that Cory’s smoking habits are starting to escalate out of control again. He got this dumb vape pen and it seems like he is always taking a drag from it. And it feels like he has to do restock trips more frequently. I was so proud when he told me he was really weaning himself off. And it’s starting to feel like he’s not hearing me again. I’m constantly repeating myself. And right now, asking for what I need is it’s own struggle. I know that I have been a real handful lately, so if he wants to be defensive, he has lots of cards to pull against me. But.. I say things that I want to do, and it’s like he doesn’t hear me at all. Or he forgot. Or he was focused on something else. Le sigh. I will have to talk to him about it Wednesday.


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About helendauka

I used to write a lot and now I hardly ever write. I think I write bad now? On the flip side, I used to be very bad at being an adult and now I'm a little better at being an adult. Let's try to balance this equation out.

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