“I’ll never leave you again.”- me to my blog.

Where has the time gone? It’s been almost a year since I’ve taken to my keyboard and unleashed something on to the internet.
So what happened? Well I graduated. I didn’t have a class I was required to blog for. I didn’t have a school newspaper as an outlet. And I landed a job that didn’t give a shit whether I used social media or not.

Knowing people were reading what I wrote gave me a rush and when I stopped having a platform where people would pay attention to me, I lost a little incentive.

But I also lost one of the best hobbies to come into my life. I lost the enjoyment and growth that came from each post. I lost something that was mine and no one else.

So I’m picking it up again. But things are different this time. I am different. As always, I will strive to be as candid as possible. Things probably won’t feel like articles, but rather more like personal essays. Before, I would have most likely been too self conscious to write anything that was so obviously self absorbed. But I don’t really care. I think I’m hilarious, insightful and interesting, despite this being my only hobby. 

What have I been doing for the past year?

I’ve been living alone in a new apartment. I realized I am in love with not just Ohio, but Akron specifically. I got a job at a health foods store doing grass roots marketing yet my diet has managed to have gotten worse. I adopted a puggle pup and spend most of my free time picking up fluff he’s ripped out of some toy. I use rabbit ears on my tv and consequently spend my Friday nights watching Dateline NBC. I have ventured into the world of online dating via OkCupid and attempt to hide my embarrassment when a coworker somehow catches on to my private life. I met my soulmate and experienced a connection I had daydreamed about since I was in middle school. Shortly after, I had my heart shattered into a million pieces. It was only fitting that I wrote a slew of middle school esque weepy diary entries.

At this point in my life, I work every day not to be a cynic.