Free icon sets for your website

The link gives you 15 different sets of uniquely designed icons for your website. A fun spin on everyday staples of a site, from social media buttons, directional buttons (like back/forward) etc. 

It’s great for adding another aspect to your site to set you apart.. without doing any of the work. 



Tools for making your online portfolio

In our web class we’ve been given the task to create a website for ourselves. The website will also act as a portfolio. We’ve covered using light box to display our images but I’ve stumbled upon this article on creating online portfolios

All the options are free, though some have special features that you have to upgrade to a paying package to have. 

I think some of the better.. or cuter options are;

Simple Viewer (uses flash)


ScriptOcean Accordion Menu (uses Javascript)
my personal fave.


Typography for the Web

I wish I could have taken a class on typography. But alas, I didn’t have time. I found an article on helpful tips for having successful typography for the web. It’s nice because it explains how elements of CSS effect the type. 

For example, font weight is the thickness of the stroke and has a value between 100 to 900. 400 is considered regular. Using this numbering system is a more specific way to get ‘light,’ ‘bold,’ ‘extra bold,’ etc. 

I thought that was one interesting thing. Check out the article for more!

Springtime fonts


Just like everyone else in Ohio, I am OBSESSED with the decent weather today. I’m probably jumping the gun in thinking, “spring is surely on its way!”
Regardless, I’ve decided to add some freshness into my life whether the weather cooperates or not! recently made a post about 10 floral fonts for spring. They make my mouth water.


One of my favorites, Twenty-Five Springs. Image courtesy of Marie-Anne Verougstraet

I realize I’ve been desperately missing some new fonts from my life.
As it relates to web design, using new, downloadable fonts can be risky. Not all computers are going to have access to your unique font, so it’s important to give options in your css file.

Or use the fonts for logos or as part of an image.

Anyways, aside from the ten fonts from the mashable article, I invite you to check out the new goodies I added to my collection this afternoon!

Go, my friends, and expand your typing horizons.