Adding some spice to your site.

I’ve been trying to pay attention to websites lately and figure out what makes some stand out from the rest. Aside from being pretty looking, here are some of my favorite interactive features:

Embedded Tweets
You can read the tweet and access every part of it like you were actually reading your own twitter feed. It makes browsing a site super easy when you don’t have to go to Twitter just so you can look into someone’s twitter handle or hashtag or link or whatever other interactive feature is included in the tweet.

If you click the title, you can get some pretty good instructions on how to DIY. But it’s basically as simple as clicking on a tweet, clicking ‘more,’ and then clicking the embed tweet option.
p.s. this compilation of best tweets from the Super Bowl Blackout is what drew my attention to this feature.

Live BloggingI love reading live blogs. Like, especially of awards shows like the Oscars. had a really fabulous live blog going, and you can re-watch it. It was nice because it updated itself, it was like watching a Youtube video. Before I had seen ‘live blogging’ done by updating posts and putting the time next to the posts, like when Thought Catalog live blogged hurricane Sandy. But I had to continually refresh the page.

I’ll live blog eventually.. untill then, get yourself schooled! WordPress has detailed instructions, plugin download and 2 minute tutorial on how to get yourself live blogging (with a WordPress platform).

Interactive Images
I was browsing a photo gallery of celebrity wedding and engagement rings on… because that’s just what I do in my spare time and I notice this really cool feature. The images were totally interactive! You could scroll over different parts of the picture, like a celeb’s ring, nail polish, outfit and then something would pop up on the side of the picture that showed you a version that you could buy!!
I found this cool site called that helps you make pictures more interactive. I gave it a try on one of my pictures. Super easy!

Add some spice to your site & try one of these tricks out!



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