Christmas DWA


For those of you who did not go to my high school and have the hillarious Leslie Gabbert, let me explain or maybe refresh your memory about DWA’s. At the beginning of each AP English class, Gabbs would give us a prompt and a time limit, usually not more than 10 minutes to come up with a complete story. And that’s the just of a DWA or Daily Writing Assignment. I unearthed my DWA book from the depths of my closet.

A Chrismtas DWA

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the halls

Not a creature was stirring, not even in bathroom stalls.

The alumni were hung on the school walls with care.

In hopes that new pictures would soon join them there.

The children were nestled all snug in their desks

While visions of A’s danced on their tests.

And Gotchal in his office and I in my class

Had just settled our brains with a long puff of grass.

When out in the gym there arose such a roar

I sprang from the desk to go and explore

Away to the bleachers I flew like a flash.

I was bent over, exhausted from the dash.

Santa on the court of new wooden floors

Gave the hoops a big swish with a soar.

But what to my blood-shot eyes hardly appeared

Mr. Gotchal, his eyes streaming with tears.


I think I might revisit my DWA book more often here at Girl About Akron. If you’ve got your own DWA story buried in your closet, I want to hear it!

Happy Holidays!



A spoiler free review of This is 40

Tagged as the sort-of-sequel to Knocked Up, I’d definitely agree. It has a lot of the same humor as Knocked Up, but something is different. Knocked Up comes in at 129 minutes while This is 40 wraps up in 139. In that extra 10 minutes, This is 40 adds longer stretches between jokes. Which isn’t a bad thing. Those stretches between jokes aren’t without humor.  To me, those stretches are the perfect opportunity to think and digest the more serious topics that This is 40 tackles, topics that Knocked Up skims over.

At least, that’s how I feel. I still have plenty to think about even with the extra 10 minutes. Sometimes I wonder how 40 year olds are thinking about this movie compared to my 20-something mind.

I identify with 20-Something-Millennial stereotypes so much it almost makes me annoyed with myself. This is 40 made me want to skip town, out of my generation and at least get to my Late-Twenties. At least.

Something about This is 40 was confusing my 20-something brain though.

Oh wait.. my favorite show, Girls? There’s Judd Apatow’s name on the credits there too. Maud Apatow (who I thought was hilarious)? She talks exactly like Hannah Horvath (whom I have dubbed the Girls character version of me). And Lena Dunham has a small role in the movie. And the font is similar. And Paul Rudd has a thing for cupcakes.

Is This is 40 really a 20-Something movie in disguise?

Probably not.

Do I love the Apatow family and Lena Dunham and think that their teaming up is the best thing to happen to my life? Yes. You know, I’ve never seen something touched by Judd Apatow that I didn’t love.

Go see This is 40. Let me know what you think?


Oh yeah, and this scene (Fast forward to 00:56) isn’t in the movie, which was one of my favorite parts of the trailer.

DEAL ALERT: Plato’s Closet

Elf on the shelf

Ever heard of Plato’s Closet?

I stopped there this Thursday to try and make some quick cash.

For those of you who don’t know what Plato’s Closet is…It’s this pretty cool place where you can take your clothes and they’ll give you cash in exchange. They won’t take everything, and they won’t give you that much. But for me, it’s a pretty good situation. I don’t have the patience to try to sell things on Amazon or Ebay or wait until warmer weather comes to hold a yard sale. Plus, even though they don’t give you that much cash back, it really is better than having the clothes sit in my closet.

Since they’re getting my clothes so cheap, everything in the store is super cheap too. It takes a little digging and focus to find something, but it’s definitely worth it.

Now back to the point of this post..

For the month of December, Plato’s Closet is having a special that if you find the Elf on the Shelf, you get $2 off your purchase. Not only is it an awesome deal, it’s really fun! They move the Elf twice a day.

I found a pair of Charlotte Russe jeans on the sale rack. Originally marked at $15, they were 70% off making them around $4.75. Once I found the Elf, I ended up with a pair of jeans for $2.75. What a steal!

I had brought in some clothes to sell too. They ended up taking three items and giving me $8. So I didn’t really spend any money. Not too shabby if you ask me.

The Elf on a Self promotion is happening at the Plato’s in Chapel Hill and in North Canton.

Happy shopping!

A Preface to New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love the idea of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming the next with a list of resolutions. I feel like a lot of people hate on New Year’s Eve because it’s another one of those holidays that has a good concept, like Valentine’s Day, but ends up being cheesy. Or because it’s turned into a very different type of holiday, like St Patty’s, that’s another excuse to drink excessively.

I don’t know, I can’t help but love a fresh start and hope for better days. I believe it can happen.

For all you pessimistic, glass half empty folk who are reading this & thinking I’m nuts, I’ll tell you my secret:

(I have a good success rate at sticking to my resolutions.)

Here are what mine were from this year:

New Year’s Resolution 2012

1.)  Go to the gym 5 days a week

2.)  Blog every Sunday

3.)  Make more snap decisions

4.)  Accept my truths

5.)  Do something impulsive once a month

6.)  Be more genuine with my compliments

7.)  Burning bridges before I’ve finished building them?

8.) Limit my time alone so I can a.) learn to be more social or b.) appreciate my time alone I didn’t get em all checked off.

The results?

1.) I go about three times a week. So almost done! 2.) I don’t every Sunday, but I’d say I’m doing alright. 3.) not quite… 4.) I’m always changing, so I don’t think I’ll ever be done with this one. 5.) I love the paradox in this one haha. 6.) Done! 7.) I have no clue what this meant. 10.) I feel pretty socially balanced.

So I think I did pretty good this year!!

I was going to post my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013… but if the world really does on December 21st, I don’t want any loose ends and unfilled resolutions, so I’ll save it for another post 🙂


Material Girl

MaterialGirlI’m writing this to cope with the very emotional reality that I need to sell my prom dresses.

I called to make an appointment with a consignment shop in Lisbon, Ohio. It’s weird, but I got teary eyed at the thought of giving up my dresses. I don’t like being so attached to material objects but I guess I am. I attached my memories and feelings to those dresses.

That being said, I know that selling my dresses is about more than making some extra cash. Even as I’m getting closer to having my future in my hands, with my one hand gripped so tightly on the past, I’ll never have a real handle on what I want. I need to let go so I can move on.

It reminds me of the scene from Sex and the City where Carrie has to clean out her closet.

Sex&theCity Photo Set

BUT I realized that if I went to my consignment shop appointment and signed away my dresses, I wouldn’t even get any money up front. I’d have to wait until someone buys the dresses from the shop.

So I cancelled my appointment. For now

Does anyone else have this problem? I imagine most people can cope with parting with material things pretty easily. I’m usually not bad at cleaning out my closet.. but it’s hard when they sparkle so pretty.

Anyone want to buy my dresses?


(p.s. I don’t own the SATC pictures, but I did add the extra flair.)

Christmas Sweatz


Four of my favorite internet people have joined forces to bring this merriment to our computer screens:
Grace Helbig of DailyGrace (, Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen ( & Rhett and Link (

So to help you get into the Holiday spirit (because this video isn’t just for Christmas!), take a listen 🙂

Specs at the Bar

For the mildly introverted and slightly extroverted, here’s my suggestion for decreasing awkwardness at a bar: wear your glasses.

I know, I know, typically you don’t associate four-eyes with a night out on the town, but hear me out. Here are all the pros of taking my advice.

1. You can get away with wearing less make-up.

I mean, you probably want to put some foundation on, but wearing less eye make-up is less noticeable. Maybe your contacts were bothering you, maybe you’re out of make-up or maybe you just don’t feel like going through the beauty routine. Take advantage of this opportunity either way!

2. You stand out.

Some might say not in a good way. This whole “glasses theory” isn’t for everybody. I personally know my boobs and ass alone aren’t stand out options for me. So clothes and accessories are my go to (I mean, aside from witty conversation!).

As much as it might make you stand out, it could also keep you out of the radar of creeps who are only picking up on T&A. WARNING: Some creeps don’t care if you wore sweatpants to the bar. Don’t just look smart, be smart, proceed with caution.

3. They’re in style.

Glasses are ok, in fact they might be cool. Thanks to the hipster trend (and other factors probably), glasses are in. People who don’t even need glasses are buying fake ones. They’re the new accessory. You know it’s mainstream when it’s at an American Eagle near you. You don’t need to jump on the bandwagon. You’ve already been on since you couldn’t tell if the exit sign read “hipsterville” or “dorktown” and the other passengers made you go to the eye doctor……. long loosely strung together metaphor.

4. It’s a conversation starter.

Personal Testimony Time. I get asked all the time if my glasses are real or have a prescription especially since point 3. kicked into full swing. And I proudly tell them, “Yes!” This is a perfect segue for me to say, “I’m so blind. Here, look!” And then I let them try my glasses on to see how blind I really am. Sometimes, I don’t even have to offer, I’ve had people ask to try my glasses on. Now, I’ve never had this happen, but I’m sure you could turn this into a game, if you trusted the person, “How far can I see without my glasses?” WARNING: As great of an opportunity as this is, it’s also a great opportunity for them to DRUG YOU.

So there you go! The great thing about getting attention with your glasses is guys will always be looking at your eyes…. probably? I don’t know that’s just a guess.

This Friday put your boobs away and take your glasses out.


(Delayed Disclaimer: This is intended for those less adventurous, more quirky & maybe less endowed and is in no way meant to be offensive to girls rocking low-cut tops & miniskirts. You go girls, no matter what you wear.)

Free Feminine Products: TOTALLY LEGIT

If any of you read my post yesterday about free feminine products being offered in the student union, I have updates 🙂

I stopped by the information desk, just like the flyer instructed & YES it’s true! They are giving out free feminine products. So here’s the scoop:

The Student Union at The University of Akron is offering free feminine products. This is something new that literally just started as of Thursday, December 13, 2012. This is something the union is trying out, as an experiment of sorts. The experiment being, they’re planning to see if anyone actually asks for the free goods & if not they won’t offer them free anymore. The convenience store Zee’s, located on the 1st floor still sells tampons etc.

I’m not sure how long this experimental trial is going to last. So ladies, PLEASE seize this opportunity while it lasts. Show UA we like free stuff!!

It’s only been two days, but so far I’m the only person to inquire about the flyer. With winter break starting, I doubt there will be that many students asking either, so I’m slightly worried that the timing won’t give many students that opportunity to take advantage of the offer.

My suggestions to make this last?

1. Make the flyer look more legit.

2. Announce the offer outside of just the bathrooms.

3. Spread the word!


The picture I posted yesterday was featured in Lady or Not… Here I Come. So that’s really cool 🙂

Check out the WTF Friday post to see my picture & some other really funny pictures. My fave if the Toilet Surveillance Camera picture. Click Here to see the post.

Happy Friday!


Free Feminine Products!!

On one of my many trips to the bathroom in the Student Union at The University of Akron, I stumbled upon this flyer:


I’m not sure if this is legit, or just someone’s cruel joke but it got me thinking.

Free feminine products sound amazing. In a way, I think it’s about time. I recently heard someone use the argument that people get free condoms all the time, from Trojan or at safe sex fairs. But rarely are girls given free feminine products. Even though we need them. We can’t avoid using them unless we either pay for some form of medicine or surgery that eliminates our monthly flow.

Or we could wait until we’re old enough and our bodies just stop.

But then I started thinking about actually going and having to ask a stranger for a tampon. I’ve done it before in emergency situations and it’s kind of awkward. It’s super inconvenient if you have to ask multiple people because the person you asked first didn’t have a tampon either.

I kind of hate the idea of having to ask someone for a tampon in the first place, especially if it’s a guy. Like it’s giving men one more aspect of control over our lives.

And then another thought occurred to me: Why are we sometimes embarrassed when to comes to buying feminine products? Like when you go to the store to buy a new box of tampons and you try to cover it up with all the other stuff in your cart.

We shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of something we don’t have a choice about. And it’s not like I’m asking the world to listen in on the gross details that accompany having a period.

Saying, “I’m on my period.” should not be a whispered, taboo conversation.

I’m definitely going to have to try scoring some of these free feminine products and see if the flyers lives up to its offer.

More to come on that….




Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


This is how I know the seasons are changing in Ohio. Starbucks erases the pumpkins from their chalkboard and replaces them with snowflakes. The pumpkin spice latte craze has died down. It seems like there aren’t as many peppermint mocha enthusiasts out there.

I think it’s because there are three holiday drinks to choose from:
Peppermint mocha, Gingerbread latte, and a caramel brulee thing.

I’m saving so much money because I I don’t like any of them that much!!

I do love they’re seasonal mugs. If anyone is unsure of what to get me…. *hint hint.

The last holiday mug I got from Starbucks might as well be shattered since it was a gift from an ex. I’ve had thoughts of GoodWilling it or chucking it off of the Y Bridge but it’s so pretty… So it sits in the back of one of my cupboards instead.


PS. the Starbucks drinks in the photo were taken from the website but the rest of the image was taken by me at your local Starbucks on Exchange Street 🙂