In a small restaurant called Steinly’s on Waterloo road, you’ll find the secret to success in the restaurant world. You’ll find good food, reasonable prices, friendly service and on most days, night-shift manager Tina Bond. I sat down with Tina to find out the dish on this well kept secret.

Steinly’s has been around for 27 years. Before it was located on Waterloo road, it was housed in the Midtown Motel. After retiring from the tire manufacturing business, Mr. Bernard Steinly knew the restaurant business was the next step for him. “He wanted to open up a doughnut shop. Mrs. Steinly reminded him he would have to wake up at 1 and 2 am to make the doughnuts and after that, he realized a restaurant would be better.” But Mr. Steinly still wakes up in the morning to bake deserts for the customers who arrive at 7am and everyone else for that matter.

Bernard Steinly runs his restaurant with the help of his dedicated staff that includes his two daughters. When Bernard retires this December, his oldest daughter Becky will take over.

Maybe the secret behind Steinly’s great customer service is the way their employees are treated.  Mr. Steinly treats his employees well. “Usually when people come to work here, they stay for a really long time.  We feel really appreciated by the customers too.”

Mr. Steinly not only has his eyes out for his employees, but he looks out for his customers too. You’ll always find something new on the menu. “If a customer comes in and says they really hungry for say… white chili, Mr. Steinly will have it on the menu the next day.”

With Mr. Steinly retiring in December customers new and old don’t have to be worried about Steinly’s losing what makes it great.  His daughter Becky seems to have inherited his knack for running a restaurant. “Becky could have a restaurant with just her soups.”

If your interest is peaked, but you’re wondering why you’ve never seen any advertisements for Steinly’s lately, there’s a simple explanation.  Becky doesn’t believe in advertisements. Steinly’s relies on word-of-mouth advertisement. Which is saying a lot for a restaurant that’s been surviving for 27 years.

Something else you’ll never see is gimmicky deals and specials. “Becky thinks the food is too good to give away. And it is.” Not that the prices on the menu are anything to argue with. Over a four year period, Steinly’s never raised their prices. And when they did have to raise their prices, it was by 25 cents.

Omelets for $3.75, hamburgers for $1.50, a tuna salad sub for $3.95. It’s home cooked food at its best.  You can order anything off the menu, regardless of the time of day. What does Tina Bond think is the best thing on the menu? “The roast beef, it’s slow roasted over night. But when I’m cooking, I always get good tips for my liver and onions.”

Take my word for it (I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich for $3.10, such a steal!) Steinly’s is fantastic.

Find out for yourself! Steinly’s is open Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Steinly’s is located on 235 East Waterloo Road. Call 330-773-6422 for carryout!


Masters Degree in Popular Culture?

Today I chatted up my Newswriting professor about what I wanted to do after graduation. This was something I use to be very timid about, talking about my future. But now I ask anyone for advice; career counselors, PR teachers, relatives, co-workers, literally anyone who’s been employed.

Somehow, everyone so far has known not to suggest grad school to me. It’s just not something I’ve had any interest in. So today, my teacher made the mistake of suggesting I take the GRE, get my Masters etc. She watched as my mouth turned to a giant scowl and I listened as she told me, better to take the GRE while you’re in school then after you’ve been out for a while.

How about I take the GRE…. never?

But then she told me about a graduate program in popular culture from Bowling Green…
What? That type of education exists?

So I did some research… like 30 minutes of it (which further backs up my reasoning that I should not be in grad school). I stumbled on to this article, it’s a little old (March 2012) but I think still relevant. I thought this little bit was interesting..

If you’re really into studying the history of the Indonesian heavy metal scene, or perhaps you’d rather spend your days analyzing golf swings, then college may be the place for you!

There’s a proliferation of unorthodox college majors in Ohio and nationwide.

The article talks about the practicality of going to school for really specific, or obscure areas of interest. It’s actually kind of interesting & funny, the author interviews a student from BGSU who is in the Popular Culture undergrad program. It appears that the author used the interview to paint a less than flattering portrait of the program, to which the student comes to its defense and tries to set the record straight in the comment section.

Read the article for yourself. Or look into BGSU’s Popular Culture Program.

Ultimately, I decided Grad school is still not for me. At least not right now.

If you see me at a dance..

Sometime in middle school during a music class when everyone was learning about notes, I realized I could not keep a beat.

I became more and more aware as time passed. When I was hanging out at my friend’s house and the cool older friend taught us how to grind: I could never get my back to curve just right. I was like an inch worm that awkwardly gets on your jacket. “Ew what are you doing & how did you get here?!” (proceeds to flick me away)

Then at dances when it was line dancing time.. I could never tackle the more advanced routines, but I had the electric slide down. But only if I focused solely on the dance.

Eventually I realized, to hell with rhythm, I’m just going to dance bad on purpose. This was kind of a revolutionary idea in my brain because it was high school and we were all still trying to be cool. Or at least not uncool.

Fast-forward to senior year of college. There I am at homecoming in a dance circle doing the moves I’ve perfected over the course of five years.

I do the cliché dances: the sprinkler, the shopping cart, the Q-tip.

I do the old school moves: the flapper girl dance, maybe a box step, maybe a disco finger point.

I break out the literal interpretations: the song lyrics are now my moves.

Sometimes I do little spastic moves a la Elaine Benis.

My favorite is to take ordinary movements and employ them on the floor. Doing squats, pretending to be asleep while keeping the beat.

Yep, that’s me. But when I step out of the zone, I realize… I think everyone is fake dancing.. I can’t tell who is unaware of their bad dance moves and who is doing it ironically..

I can count on two hands the amount of people who are good at dancing and flaunting it.

Maybe I need a new strategy.. fake dancing  might not work as an excuse for not being able to dance for real..

Then again I have been toying around with the idea of dancing normal but with crazy facial expressions. Yes, I’ll give that a try next time around.

Mind the Gap

Are animated GIFs the stuff of junior highschool hijinks or, are they the political cartoons of the new millenium? What do you think?

Yes, animated GIFs are the political cartoons of our time!

And here’s why:

While GIFS may have started out as the stuff of junior high, the people making GIFS aren’t in junior high anymore! I think GIFS are growing and evolving with their creators, and what a great thing to see!

GIFS are a quick effective way to convey a message and emotion. I think it’s a much quicker way to convey a message in a world that doesn’t always have time for more than an elevator pitch.


I hate read no more.

I’m not sure why I started following Gawker on Twitter to be honest.

Sometimes they post interesting stories on pop culture. I try to get as much pop culture into my life from as many different sources as possible.

But I think I’m going to have to unfollow Gawker and it feels weird.

On the internet there’s an abundance of self-destructive, unproductive opportunities to waste away hours of your life with.

Among the top for me are Facebook stalking, falling into a YouTube K-hole, and WebMD-ing medical conditions I definately don’t have… (but there’s always a chance, right?)

Gaby Dunn, a writer for Thought Catalog, wrote an article called The Nine Circles of Internet Hell. The circles are:

1. Limbo = Facebook/Twitter/Gmail

2. Lust = Internet Porn

3. Gluttony = Food Blogs

4. Greed = Kickstarter

5. Anger = Hate Reading

6. Heresy = Falling Into K-Holes

7. Violence = Online Gaming and Fandom

8. Fraud = Abuse of Anonymity

9. Treachery = Shit-talking Online

I’ve definitely not experienced the whole list, so maybe I still have a shot at internet heaven, but I recently fell victim to hate reading. By accident!! Maybe I like Thought Catalog too much, maybe I’m just too much of a stereotypical Twenty-Something/ Millennial.
Either way, I can’t hate read anymore. I don’t like hate reading, it just feels bad for my health!
Check out the article that made me hit the unfollow button here.

My Afternoon as Carrie Bradshaw


I spent the afternoon filming a promo video with a friend. You have to snag the nice afternoons while you have them in Ohio.
I can’t wait to edit all the footage together next week!

It was surprisingly easy to replicate Carrie’s outfit from the Sex and the City opening theme song. The skirt is actually the bottom of my roommate’s tulle dress. I was able to slip the top of the dress past my waist and tuck it beneath the skirt. The top is just a pink tank, and the shoes are my old prom shoes. Not too many chances to wear them nowadays!

Link it up.

Home for the Holidays

In a city, away from your hometown, things seem to be going smoothly. You feel confident, happy and independent. So why does it seem every holiday season my portfolio, that I’ve spent the last four years beefing up, gets thrown out the window in exchange for a checklist deemed worthy of my attention by all of my relatives?

On the road trip from Akron to Ruraltown U.S.A , when did the priorities that make up the checklist for our lives change so much?

Here’s checklist for you to look over and prepare yourself with as the holidays approach us. Get ready for the brutal Q & A. Keep tally as you go, one check for every time you get asked a question, two checks if you’ve been asked the same question more than once by the same relative.  The winner get either thicker skin or lower self esteem.

1. Are you seeing anyone? (followed by) Don’t worry you’ll find someone!

Thank you for having faith in me.  I was starting to think things were looking pretty bleak.  Weren’t you just telling me last Thanksgiving how young I was and not to settle down and to have fun? Can you hear some clock ticking that I can’t?

2.    Did you graduate yet?

No, but when I do, will you remember anyways, or will I be answering this same question when I own my own law firm?

3.    What’s your major? (followed by) What kind of job can you get with that?

I’m not sure that you understand what my major is because I’ve already explained it to you multiple times and I can tell you’re just nodding your head like you get it. So obviously you won’t understand what kind of job I’m looking for (do I really know what job I’m looking for? Answer: No.

4.    Have you talked with (insert name of middle school friend)?

Do you mean my best friend from 6th grade? No I haven’t talked to her or the rest of my homeroom class since…. Probably 6th grade.

5.    Do you remember (insert old boyfriend/girlfriend)? (followed by) He/she is married with three kids!

Are people… actually turning into adults? Like, that’s just what we’re doing nowadays? Good to know.

6.    I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten since the last time I saw you!!

Juuuuuuuust peachy. That stopped being cute when I was 6.

“When in Kolbe” & tales from other places on campus.

Have you ever come across a building or part of campus and thought, “I had no idea this even existed”?

Or said, “ I basically live in that building.” Referring to the building that houses your major.

I’ve heard, said and thought these things many times myself.  It makes me wonder what else  I don’t know about on campus.  From my experience, there are guys hidden across campus in all those departments and buildings that you didn’t know existed.

So for the less adventurous and maybe more fortunate, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned about UA boys over my years.  I’m cataloging them by major. Please feel free to disagree and feel slightly offended.

  1. Political Science- the poli-sci guy. Dresses like he’s going to a casual meeting 90% of the time.  Nice enough, very inoffensive. Has hobbies like golfing and tucking in shirts. But don’t be fooled. The poli-sci guy turns on his nice guy act like it’s his job (because one day, it might be). You can never really tell when it’s genuine nice coming at you or when it’s fake.
  2. English- Creative. Moody. Sensitive.  Will open the door for you and walk you to class. Even though you’re not in high school. If you had a locker, he would totally lean up next to yours and wait for you. Emotions on the sleeve with this one.
  3. Business- CBA (College of Business) guys..  they will be nice to you, just like the poli-sci guy. The difference is the CBA guy DEFINITELY wants something from you. And I don’t even mean this in a dirty way. It could be the book for a class you both have, half of your pizza,  the number to someone you were in class with once or maybe just for you to do most of the work for a group project.
  4. Art-  I’ve heard from non-art majors that they were surprised when they met  art school kids. There is a common misconception that creativity and acceptance go hand in hand. Wrong! Art school kids are judgmental, narcissistic and are just waiting to tell you what’s wrong with your work. But this kind of attitude is reinforced over in Folk through class rituals called “critics.”
  5. Public Relations-  Get ready to get your socks charmed off. PR boys can easily become the teacher’s pet. Always eager and willing to volunteer answers in class with a nonchalant demeanor, you are somehow spared from being annoyed by them. And there’s not much competition for them. Typically for ever 15 PR girl, there is 1 PR boy.
  6. Engineering- Their homework is ten times harder than yours. They’re smart. Like really smart. Smart enough to get and make good jokes. But so tragically boring.

This list is extremely brief and I know that there are so many other men out there to be cataloged! But I’ve only been in Akron for three years, I can only meet so many boys! I know this list will come off very inaccurate to most people. But word of advice to all underclassman: Enjoy those gen eds. Not just because they’re easy. But because you will meet THE MOST RANDOM people. Once you start into your major, you’re basically stuck taking classes with the same people and you will forget any others ever existed.

IPhone Rehab

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to preface this article with a brief disclaimer: I am unbelievably lucky to have the privilege to write an article about losing my smart phone because it means I had one in the first place. I’m even more lucky to be able to get a replacement from some independent seller on Amazon. I’m lucky to have my friends who put up with me bumming their phones for 6 days.

I lost my iPhone 4 over the weekend. What happened during the week following can only be described as what I imagine going through rehab is like.

Denial that you have a problem
My phone isn’t lost. It has to be at the bar. I just have to wait for it to open at noon. Maybe they just haven’t cleaned the whole bar yet..

Admitting you have a problem

Getting your next fix
I need a phone and I need it NOW. I’m borrowing my friend’s phone, my eyes are peeled for phone booths. I never thought Maroon 5’s Payphone would be able to be interpreted literally in my life, but I guess you can’t see everything coming. (and for the record, there aren’t payphones anywhere convenient on campus.)

Everything is so much harder without a phone. It really requires a lot of planning. There’s no, “text me later if you want to [insert activity].” You can’t be spontaneous. You can’t call last minute to cancel or get directions or ask for clarification on anything. It’s so frustrating. I’m sorry I’m on edge, my life’s a little inconvenient right now.

Soul Searching
You know, non-smart phone users are always bragging about how they hardly use their phone, they don’t need the perks of a smart phone, some people these days are addicted. I never thought I was one of those people.. but maybe I am.. But should I feel guilty? I’m still tackling with this. I love my iPhone. I mean I loved my iPhone. Is there really anything wrong with my dependence on my phone? I’m surviving without it.. not happily but I am.

Occasionally during the day I’ll have this epiphany that living without a phone is so calming and relaxing. No one can bug you. Stress and worry can’t stalk you unless it comes at you face to face. But that moment passes and I realize living without a phone is isolating. I can’t call my mom and she can’t call me to give me the encouraging words only a mom has; my best friend from home can’t text me her big life news. This is terrible.

Six days later, my new phone came in the mail.

So what did I learn? I learned it’s really embarrassing to lose your phone. I learned people are eager to offer up advice like, download the IPhone finder app after you’ve already deactivated your phone.  I wish I could say I learned how to be less dependent on technology, but I actually realized how much I loved my phone. So I learned to be more responsible. You take care of the things you love.